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Sean Lee
about 2 years agoMarch 26, 2020
Everything is wonderful.  Only one thing I am concerned about, credit to church account (bank) is very slow.  Could you let me know how many days you hold?  If it varys, I would appreciate it if you send me a rule.
Darrell Turner
about 2 years agoMarch 26, 2020
I have a suggestion, when a person first connects to they see a button that says "sign up free". I wish there was a button named "what you need before you sign up" that when pushed, would warn me what things I need like tax numbers or an ID photo down loaded so I could be ready before I started.
What about using facebook page if you do not have
about 2 years agoMarch 27, 2020
website: Dr. Eddie Williams, CBC
about 2 years agoApril 16, 2020
Does this work with Quickbooks, Desktop version?
about 2 years agoApril 16, 2020
Does the memo line show up? For instance, we have a "Memorial" giving section.  If someone chooses this and writes the persons name in the memo line, we can see this?
Carol Burns
over 1 year agoAugust 25, 2020
Seven day hold for ACH seems excessive.  Our current system is two days or less.
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