Tithe.ly University -- Digital Giving Setup & Resources

Sean Lee
over 1 year agoMarch 26, 2020
Everything is wonderful.  Only one thing I am concerned about Tithe.ly, credit to church account (bank) is very slow.  Could you let me know how many days you hold?  If it varys, I would appreciate it if you send me a rule.    churchvnumc@gmail.com
Darrell Turner
over 1 year agoMarch 26, 2020
I have a suggestion, when a person first connects to tithe.ly they see a button that says "sign up free". I wish there was a button named "what you need before you sign up" that when pushed, would warn me what things I need like tax numbers or an ID photo down loaded so I could be ready before I started.
What about using facebook page if you do not have
over 1 year agoMarch 27, 2020
website: Dr. Eddie Williams, CBC
over 1 year agoApril 16, 2020
Does this work with Quickbooks, Desktop version?
over 1 year agoApril 16, 2020
Does the memo line show up? For instance, we have a "Memorial" giving section.  If someone chooses this and writes the persons name in the memo line, we can see this?
Carol Burns
11 months agoAugust 25, 2020
Seven day hold for ACH seems excessive.  Our current system is two days or less.
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